Wedding Marketing 101:
a crash-course in marketing for wedding suppliers.

We've put together a four-episode series on wedding marketing, that's intended to help wedding suppliers work through all aspects of their marketing and brand presentation. We've got extensive experience working in the wedding market ourselves, and we've also worked with a host of awesome suppliers in the business on everything from branding and website projects, to video production and copywriting. In particular, we've worked loads with photographers, and we've got a special landing page just for them

If you figure out that you'd like some additional help with your marketing efforts after watching the series, then of course you should get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help!

Episode 1: How to be Meaningfully Different

Episode one focuses strongly on brand differentiation, which is a topic very close to our hearts. It's all about how you can make yourself meaningfully different from your competition, and explores all of the benefits that go along with standing out from the competition. 


Episode 2: Market Research, Pricing and SEO

This episode is a mixed bag that's probably a little bit more dry than the rest. It focuses strongly on research, pricing strategy and on search engine optimisation, and contains a demonstration of a keyword research process that will help with your content writing. 


Episode 3: Content Marketing and Social Strategy

In this episode, we're focusing on a modern approach to creating content, both on your website/blog and across your social media channels, that's designed to be a genuinely valuable gift to your audience, and thus to cut through the noise on social. 


Episode 4: How to Spend Money on Ads (Inc. Targeting)

In the final episode, we look at how to spend money on ads, and there's a case study at the end on the Braw Brides Wedding Workshop, a regular event that we help to promote through the use of paid ads on social. 


Stay in touch!

We're here, we're approachable - if you have a question about the series, then don't hesitate to get in touch below, or on our social channels. And, if you'd like to talk about working together, then don't be shy. We'll supply general guide pricing right away in our first reply, and we're always open to new ideas and collaborations - and we can often find ways to add value at any budget. We also work with plenty of businesses remotely, so we're really keen to work with wedding suppliers all over the globe.