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Incredible Food Cinematography in Glasgow

Food and beverage cinematography is an absolute speciality of ours. It’s a job that requires years of research, practice and experience - it’s the art of making something full of motion and drama, with subject matter that is (at least sometimes) static. And more importantly, it’s about making people want to put their hands in their pockets and consume.

We’ve done everything from restaurant promo videos, to product launch videos, to social media content - for clients like Dobbies Garden Centres, Ubiquitous Chip, Highland Park Whisky, and many more.

Here’s a bunch of recent examples, plus some chat about what we were going for in each case.


Restaurant Promo Video for Ubiquitous Chip

We produced the following short mood pieces for Ubiquitous Chip as part of an incredibly satisfying website, video content and SEO project. Our goals here were to focus on two key elements of this world class Glasgow institution: the artful and highly aesthetic food, and the utterly unique atmosphere of the surrounds.


Restaurant Launch Films for Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies Garden Centres recently relaunched their restaurant with a totally transformed service offering, including table service, a new soft play area, and a total interior renovation. We produced five short films for them, plus an overall edit, that emphasised some of the new features and focused on specific customer journeys, for use in digital advertising.


Product Launch Films for Highland Park Whisky

We’ve worked with Highland Park Whisky on content for their international brand team across many projects. In both of these examples - shot in Copenhagen and Orkney respectively, with completely different aesthetic approaches - we aimed to speak to the informed and enthusiastic consumer who were already engaged with the brand.


Bar Promo Video for Stravaigin

We produced this film for the legendary Stravaigin, in Glasgow’s west end, with a strong emphasis on its unique surrounds and exceptional menu. We created a rhythm out of the environmental sound of the bar to try and put across some of its unique character on the soundtrack as well.


Chef’s Table-style Hero Shots for A’Challtainn

We challenged ourselves to create really clean, very polished dish-focused footage for A’Challtainn in Glasgow’s east end. It’s generally not in our nature to imitate, but for this situation we absolutely intentionally wanted to create something in the vein of Chef’s Table on Netflix, a high watermark for exceptional food cinematography.


Commercially Focused Food and Beverage Film

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