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Hello! We're Walnut Wasp - a creative agency with awesome in-house film and video production capabilities. We’re based in Glasgow, and we film all over Scotland and beyond, for clients such as Highland Park Whisky, Equi's Ice Cream, Show Racism the Red Card, and many more. 

We produce commercially-focused video content that helps our client bring in actual revenue.

Here's a small selection of some recent projects that we liked, and a few notes about the inspiration for each project.


Highland Park Whisky






Working on video content for international whisky brand Highland Park is always super interesting - the brand has a very clear differential positioning statement (The Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul), and the details of that inform every single creative decision that's made. 

The first video is a cocktail video, shot in Copenhagen during our four-day trip to shoot collateral for the launch of Valkyrie (you can see more from this project, including related photography, here). The second video is a whisky tasting film, performed by international brand ambassador and whisky-tasting legend, Martin Markvardsen. Ultimately, tasting films are about letting Martin be Martin. He's so engaging when he talks about whisky, and it's a total pleasure to shoot him in action. 


Reagan Hallett Catering



Reagan Hallett is an exceptional Glasgow-based caterer who makes incredible banquet-style food for events and weddings. We worked with her on a new brand, and a photography and video shoot to try and convey the indulgent, hearty fare that she produces. We wanted a moody, warm, wintry tone to the visuals, and a slightly etherial, enchanting quality to the music - all designed to connect up to some nostalgia and warmth for family feasts, and to really celebrate the skill and the vision of the maker.


Photography Farm



We've had a great relationship with Photography Farm for the last couple of years, speaking at their events in a sponsor capacity and producing promotional video content for, and documentary coverage of, their various educational photography events. 

This year, we were determined to do something that was strongly story-driven, and that captured the sense that Photography Farm is an inspirational place for learning the fundamentals of creative photography (which it absolutely is). We also wanted to convey that it's a welcoming and thoroughly positive space, and we wanted to really speak to creative photographers who were ready to self-improve. 

In pre-production, we landed on the concept of Move Forward, and that informed the shooting (with the recurring motif of a camera slowly moving forward) and the content of the interviews with the mentors. It's hard to impose a narrative or a story structure onto something that is event coverage (and that traditionally would be shot in a reactive format), so we did quite a bit of planning ahead of the event to arrive at this. We're thrilled with the impact of the final piece - we think it balances those different objectives really well, and tells the story with every available tool (soundtrack, interview dialogue, visuals) whilst doing justice to the incredible visuals that come out of Photography Farm.


Buddy’s BBQ



We worked on an extensive rebrand and repositioning for Buddy’s BBQ and Burgers, an awesome burger joint in Glasgow which kick-started the city’s burger and barbecue revolution. That process began with a new brand design from the ground up, followed by website and photography, and finally video output. This hopefully captures some of the raw energy and indulgence of this type of food - it’s not subtle, it’s balls-to-the-wall good fun - and it simply makes you want to go buy a burger. Sometimes you really don’t want to overthink it.


A'Challtainn Fish Restaurant

BAaD, Glasgow


pan-fried langoustines, with black garlic butter.

plump and creamy oysters from lindisfarne.


A'Challtainn is an awesome seafood restaurant inside Barras Art and Design (BAaD), at the heart of Glasgow's burgeoning east end. It's a beautiful interior, and their food is not only delicious, but it's also presented flawlessly visually. So it was an absolute joy to shoot some smooth, atmospheric food cinematography there, with a polished and cinematic approach. 

In shoots like this, adding some motion and interactivity to the food is the constant challenge. That, and incorporating some of the wider differential elements of the restaurant, are two key approaches that we hope sets the work apart. 


Harper Scott Photo



We've been working with Harper Scott Photo on various projects including branding and website design, over the course of three years now. Undoubtedly a highlight of that process was producing this short film that really packs in her key differential factors, and opens with a story twist that we're super chuffed with. In a nutshell, this piece of film is a vehicle to get across so many details about Carole-Ann's unique approach to photography, and to show (and describe) the type of client that's best suited for.


Show Racism the Red Card



This is an interview with prodigious Glasgow-based musician Carl Bridgeman, about his experiences of racism in Scotland. It was part of a larger project that we developed for Show Racism the Red Card, called This Is My Home, which collated the accounts of people of all races and backgrounds in Scotland, and explored the issues of racism and the perceptions of immigration in modern Britain.

For this film, we did a really simple two-camera interview coverage, getting closer to the subject as we focus in on the more emotive subject matter. 


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