Your Website Project: Onboarding & Homework!

Hey - looks like we’re building you a website! That’s awesome!

There’s a few things we’re going to need from you, and we’ve outlined them below.

The process:

Okay, there’s a few things we’ll need from you. Here’s how it all works:

  1. Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to fill in the initial self-audit form here.

  2. Then, fill in the forms below with your website homework. The best thing to do is to prepare the homework on separate Google Docs, and then to submit the links to those docs via the forms below.

Thereafter, we’ll supply any additional requests when we’re working through the start of the project. We’ll then propose a website navigation menu structure or sitemap, for feedback and sign-off. After that, we’ll send over our homepage design concept for feedback and sign-off, and once the homepage design is signed off, we’ll crack on with the rest of the site!


Make sure your self-audit form is filled in first, then take a look at the questions below. Answer the questions directly in the form where they’re short answers, and for more in-depth responses, you can answer in some kind of online document (Google Docs is ideal), and then paste the link in the relevant section of the form.

Your primary domain here.
Please submit your website's written content in draft form, via Google Docs or similar. Paste the link below!
Please outline what functionality you require the website to have, especially if you're significantly changing functionality of an existing website. You can respond in the box, or a link to a longer document is fine.
Please let us know any specific approach you wish us to take with the design or creative elements of the website.
If there's other websites that you particularly love, then feel free to mention them here, or to submit a Google Doc below that goes into more detail.
Please paste a link below to a folder (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc) that contains all required files for building your site - that's photos, videos, images, logo files (ideally in Illustrator EPS format if possible), and anything else required. *NOTE - this does not apply to photographers who are receiving image curation services; we'll handle gallery access via email separately!*
Often when writing copy for websites, we face a direct conflict between SEO goals, vs. creative copy. It's really interesting to get a steer from you at this stage, to see where your priorities lie - so let us know by a percentage balance where you stand on this very generally speaking.
Project Deadlines and Expectations *