highland park whisky.

Highland Park Whisky is a premium whisky brand, distilling beautiful and celebrated single malt whisky in Orkney and selling globally. Often associated with a smoky, floral flavour, it is a favourite of industry awards and of connoisseurs; a serious and prestigious brand, in a busy market. 


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Highland Park Whisky is a luxurious whisky brand, that markets itself to a passionate and discerning audience. It maintains a malting floor where malt is turned by hand; it derives its signature aromatic smoke flavour from the heathery peat of Orkney; it matures in the temperate climate of Orkney where it can cool for long periods without exposure to extreme temperatures; it's matured in sherry oak casks for colour and flavour; each batch is harmonised from a variety of cask types for up to six months after maturation. Quality and indulgence are at the heart of their brand, as is individuality. 


Defines Lab / 12 Labours: video logo animation
Smith Junior: social agency and shoot planning