Things we can do specifically for photographers.


in photography, aesthetic standards are everything.

We love to work with photographers to improve their presentation and to attach useful words to their work. If you've always wanted to work with us but didn't quite know what you wanted out of it, or didn't really understand the process, or were worried about what it would cost - then hopefully the info on this page will help loads. But also - we'll answer any questions you have if you get in touch. We don't bite. 

Oh, and - if you're into adding a video add-on to your service, then check out our Fusion Workshop in conjunction with Photography Farm, happening on 26th April 2018.


branding design.

We've produced branding and logo design concepts for photography clients including Sean Bell, Mark Timm, David Grant Simpson, Harper Scott Photo, Ewa Labuda and more.

Includes: logo design, supplementary icons where appropriate, colour scheme and typography selections, and sample copy/signature language for consideration.

Branding design services: from £1200.


brochures + booklets.

Asking people to part with thousands of pounds is a tricky business. An email isn’t going to cut it. Neither is a brochure that you cobbled together watching YouTube tutorials for InDesign. Fun fact: knowing where the buttons are on InDesign is not the missing piece of the puzzle RE: you being able to design yourself a great brochure.

Send people to a beautiful, professionally designed experience that reflects your awesome brand, and makes you look like you’re worth the money - in the case of a pricing brochure, the money that you’re literally asking for right now.

Brochure design from £800.


awesome storytelling video.

We're going to do incredible, innovative things with video this year. We'd love to work with you to create something that genuinely holds interest and tells a great story. It's such a great way to let your prospective clients get to know you better, and it really sets you apart from the competition as someone who takes this whole business thing very seriously.

Shooting from £600/day; editing from £400/day.


image curation.

Selecting images for your own site is a problem for almost everybody. It’s one of the things that clients tell us they have most trouble with, and for good reason. It’s impossible to detach yourself from your personal emotional experience of having taken a photo - how hard you worked to get it; what a good mood everybody was in when it was taken. But - none of that actually matters to the viewer. That’s why you could really use some perspective.

Let us choose your images. We’ll remove that layer of personal attachment, and we’ll pick images that complement each other perfectly. You’ll love what we do with your work - just as Sean Bell did when we put together this collection of his amazing images to illustrate our copy: "earthy images, full of texture and motion".

Image curation services from £50/hour.


website design.

Any time a client considers booking you, it’s your aesthetic standards that are at issue. Don’t dilute the visual presentation of your awesome photography with an okayish website. Because, when you put an okayish website into the world, you’re saying “I approve of this thing, that only looks okayish, to represent me”. 

Instead, consider a kickass website that you didn’t design yourself, because you’re not a designer. Makes perfect sense, right? 

Web design and development services from £400/day.

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