Your Branding Project: Feedback

So it looks like we’ve recently sent you some branding presentation documents for you to review! Exciting!

These concepts are rooted firmly in the research that we’ve done on the project, and hopefully won’t come as too much of a surprise to you based on the conversations we’ve been having and the briefs that you’ve sent, etc!

So - it’s feedback time. We need an email or a Google Doc that gives feedback on the concepts. That can be a very short email that says you love option one with no changes (we love receiving these emails!), or it can be a complex email with some proposed alterations (this is fine too!). If you’d like us to make changes, then the following three-step process will help you to gather your thoughts and get your intentions across!

1 - Overall Initial Response with Direction

We’ve provided two concepts here for consideration, so the first thing we’re looking for is for you to tell us how you feel about these concepts generally. And - let us know which way you’re leaning. The goal during the feedback and iterations process is to get this down to a single brand design - so ideally you should choose one of the two directions to develop at this stage (or, of course, if you want to try and combine elements of both, then let us know what you have in mind and we can try and incorporate this if it’s likely to work).

2 - Specific Feedback on Elements

Next, we’ll need specific feedback on the elements to make changes if required. It’s worth focusing here on the concept you’re leaning towards, but if you’re on the fence, then it’s fine to talk lots about both concepts. 

To give you a sense of what you’ll want to talk about here, we’d like feedback on: 

  • The overall conceptual ideas and inspiration;

  • Typography and font selections;

  • Colour schemes;

  • Icons, marques, illustrations, patterns where applicable;

  • Any signature language or bits of written copy proposed.

This doesn’t have to be a list or a structured document; the above is just to prompt feedback in certain areas. One long-form email or doc is fine.

3 - Proposed Next Steps

If you have specific things you’d like to see us try out visually, then let us know! Don’t hold anything back just because it’s not covered in the questions above - this is the first round of feedback, so have at it. 

And of course, if you’re happy to go ahead with one of the concepts with no changes, then just let us know which one, and we’ll get your final files made up and sent over!