who we are.

I'm David McGinty, and in 2014 I co-founded Walnut Wasp with my partner Gail Kelly, in order to make money to spend on guitars and chocolate-covered pretzels. 

Prior to Walnut Wasp, I ran a digital video production business that made marketing collateral for small companies, and I also shot loads of wedding videos every year. I launched my first business in January of 2008. There's a case to be made that January of 2008 was the worst month in recent history in which to attempt to start a business venture. But it worked out pretty good, and I gained loads of experience in marketing and video production during that time, as well as contacts across various disciplines. I also met my partner (and now my wife) Gail, who worked at a creative agency in Glasgow as senior designer, as well as for herself as a freelance photographer. We soon realised that we'd be able to achieve a lot more by combining our skills - and we also fell in love along the way. We share a love of the following: soul music, Japanese cuisine, clean typography. 

Today, our goals for the business are to keep building long-term relationships with clients and collaborators, and to keep thriving the food and beverage market and the wedding market, where we have loads of experience and expertise. We also plan to continue to do work for causes that strive for equality and that oppose poverty, as we've done in the past with our documentary work for Show Racism the Red Card and Maryhill Foodbank. 

David McGinty
co-founder, walnut wasp


I'm Gail Kelly, and in 2014 I co-founded Walnut Wasp with my partner David McGinty, in order to make money to spend on enamel pin badges and Toms. 

Prior to Walnut Wasp, I worked for a design agency in Finnieston as the senior graphic designer, specialising in branding as well as design for print and web. I graduated in graphic design at the University of Dundee including a semester at the University of Lapland in Finland. Outside of this business, I've worked on projects for Edinburgh Zoo, Glasgow Memory Clinic, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Clyde Marine Recruitment, and I also designed the branding for Glasgow City of Music. The first time I drove over the Kingston Bridge and saw a 100ft version of my logo was a pretty surreal experience.

Today, I'm excited to keep getting involved in small businesses and to make things look a bit prettier, because these things matter. 

Gail Kelly
co-founder, walnut wasp


client list.

Walnut Wasp is still a young venture, but Gail and I have produced marketing materials for the following clients, either for Walnut Wasp or as freelancers/for agency:  

Show Racism the Red Card
Highland Park Whisky
Drygate Brewery
Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen
Big Bear Bakery
Braw Brides
CRW Interiors
Fearsome (formerly Fearsomengine)
Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights
Andrew Muirhead Leather
Yes Scotland
Them Beatles
Keep Scotland Beautiful
Glasgow City of Music
Edinburgh Zoo
Rooftop Mosaic
The Paul Simon Treatment
Edinburgh Sounds
Scoop Events and Catering
Ishga Skincare
Billy Reid Close-up Magician
Voice Technologies
Geo Flame
Glasgow Memory Clinic
Clyde Marine Recruitment