Our manifesto.



We’re Walnut Wasp - a creative agency based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We're a growing team of graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, web designers, video editors, copywriters and marketing practitioners. Right now, we're five people - plus we get support from some awesome freelancers. We really love to help businesses - especially food and beverage businesses, and wedding suppliers - stand out in their markets, and emphasise their strengths, using awesome design and great storytelling.

I guess our manifesto in a nutshell is this: 

1 - differentiation is everything, and
2 - everything is a storytelling opportunity

What we mean by this is: when you present yourself to a prospective customer, your value lies in where you differ from the competition. That’s the only story that’s important to your business. And - every little decision you make along the way, is a vehicle to incorporate some piece of that story. Your business name is an opportunity to start telling the story of how you’re different. The colours that you use in your brand. And so on, right through the whole presentation. 

The word storytelling is utterly abused in marketing, and if we could invent a new word that we’d all agree meant the same thing, we’d do that so that we didn’t have to put it on this site. But - storytelling is the word we’re stuck with, and it’s exactly apropos here. 

Photography on this page is by the inimitable Euan Robertson.


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Gail Kelly

Co-founder; design and photography.

I'm Gail Kelly, and I studied graphic design at Duncan of Jordanstone, and at the University of Lapland in Finland.

In 2014 I co-founded Walnut Wasp with my partner David McGinty, in order to make money to spend on enamel pin badges and Toms. 





David McGinty

Co-founder; marketing, copywriting and filmmaking.

I'm David McGinty, and I've been making films, writing copy, and helping businesses to market themselves for ten long, bitter years.

In 2014 I co-founded Walnut Wasp with my partner Gail Kelly, in order to make money to spend on guitars and chocolate-covered pretzels. 


Jessica Gregory

Project management and HR.


Gavin McGregor

Branding and web design.


Tom JD Armstrong

Filmmaker and video editor. 


our client list.


Show Racism the Red Card
Glasgow City of Music
Highland Park Whisky
Drygate Brewery
Equis Ice Cream
The Drum
The Wedding Collective
Photography Farm
Mark Timm Photography
Chris Kelly Films


Clyde Marine Recruitment
Harper Scott Photo
Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen
Big Bear Bakery
Sean Bell
Reagan Hallett Catering
Braw Brides
Kitchens by CRW
Fearsome (formerly Fearsomengine)
Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights


Andrew Muirhead Leather
Yes Scotland
Keep Scotland Beautiful
Edinburgh Zoo
Rooftop Mosaic
Edinburgh Sounds
Scoop Events and Catering
Ishga Skincare
Billy Reid Close-up Magician
Glasgow Memory Clinic