Brand Up: Fundamentals of Branding, Content and Delivery

November 27/28, The Whisky Bond

Hi folks! Thanks so much for coming along to our presentation at the Whisky Bond on 27th/28th November 2018 with Brand Calibre! I’ve put together PDFs of the notes for each of the three discussions that I led - they’re pretty abstract as they’re more designed for my own recall in trying to move the conversation in certain directions. So they’re not detail-rich and they’re not really intended to be read outside of the context of having attended the events.

Nevertheless, they might help you to remember certain things we talked about - so I’ve linked them below, along with relevant links and videos that were used or referred to on the day.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email directly on Thanks again, and really enjoyed the two days!


  1. Brand Differentiation


Our first presentation centres around the idea that your marketing value lies in how you differ from your competition.


2. Baking Your Key Differential Factors Into Your Brand


The second presentation comes down to how those differential factors can start to affect each aesthetic and creative decision that we make at the brand level; we looked at the below videos by way of illustration.

(Reference Video: Reagan Hallett Catering)

(Reference Video: Buddy’s BBQ)


3. Content Marketing Basics


Our final talk was an introduction to content marketing basics, along with a keyword research introductory demo, a discussion about our Wedding Marketing 101 series which raised our profile in the wedding industry, and a discussion about the content in which people will see your social posts.

4. Can We Help With Anything Else?

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