walnut wasp - Wedding Pricing 2016/17



Our wedding shoots are unobtrusive, simplistic, and responsive. Two of us shoot candid and documentary footage on two cameras, in 1080p HD, always. We like handheld, and we shoot in that style where possible. We’ll rarely intervene during a wedding shoot, though occasionally we’ll steal the couple away for five minutes in order to get some footage of natural, uninterrupted interaction. We don’t treat the wedding day as a film shoot. We’re documentarians, not directors.

We've outlined a standard package as detailed below, but we also like to talk through what’s a good fit for the couple, and we offer bespoke deals and edits on a regular basis. So the best thing to do is to get in touch and we can chat.  


Here's the standard package, with an overview of the included edits and coverage:

For a full overview of the edits included in the digital delivery, you can see Nadine and Sandy's full wedding content here using the password = nadineandsandy. 


The cost of the package as outlined above is £1'995. Payment options are available, and for weddings that don't fit the standard structure, we can always quote bespoke packages, so let us know what you have in mind!