Because we offer a wide range of services, many of our projects are long-term projects which span multiple disciplines and outputs. It's always helpful, especially for small businesses, to get some understanding of rough costs ahead of time - and so here's an indication of what our pricing looks like for Q1 2017 for small businesses. 


studio rates.

We use day rates to price all in-house studio jobs including design work. 

Branding services/logo design: from £1000
Website design: from £1600
Social media management: retainers from £800/month
Design day rate: £400
Copywriting day rate: £400

We're often able to charge by the half-day, and occasionally we're able to offer hourly rates as well.

shooting rates.

We also use day rates to price up our video/film shoots and photography shoots. Those rates are: 

Video shoot day rate: £600 (per shooter) plus additional crew as needed
Photography day rate: £600 (per shooter)
Editing day rate: £400

We're often able to charge by the half-day for shooting.


development packages.

We also offer some short one-to-one business development packages for small businesses that are looking to refine their marketing efforts. These are a great fit for sole traders or small businesses who can't enter into a long-term retainer relationship but want to workshop some strategic ideas and pick up some ideas via a one-to-one session. Rates guide follows: 

Brand Audit - a two-page review of your brand and your digital marketing efforts - from £250
Strategy Workshop - an in-person strategic session for developing your marketing efforts - from £500