statement on wedding films

It's with thoroughly mixed emotions and no small amount of regret that we announce that Gail and I are no longer booking wedding films. 

We've had amazing, incredible fun shooting weddings, and we're not done quite yet - we've got bookings right into the summer of 2017 and we're planning on going out with a bang! But changes in our personal life have meant that we need to free up the diary space and focus on things that we can be more flexible with. 

As of 2017 we're focusing full time on being a creative agency that specialises in marketing services for the alternative wedding market, and for the F&B market.

Thanks to everybody who's ever supported us, booked us, liked us or loathed us. Thanks for being patient with us, and for the kind feedback, and for the good times. Thanks to our awesome colleagues in the business, too many to mention. Thanks to all the couples that put faith in us to shoot their special day - it's absolutely humbling and we'll never really get over it. We're still shooting a handful of urban weddings with our photography brand, Rooftop Mosaic, and David's still funking wedding receptions up and down the country with Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights, so we have plenty of unfinished business with weddings. But as for wedding films - we're leaving that to the professionals as of now. 

Here's some of the good times like we used to have.

David x